Refurbished Fitness Equipment Review: The Nautilus NR2000 Recumbent Exercise Bicycle

Published: 15th June 2011
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Riding a bicycle is an excellent method of exercise as it can help in fortifying and shaping muscles in the lower portion of the body. This activity also provides significant cardiovascular benefits. If you enter the cardio room of any health club or gym, you are probably going to see no vacant exercise bikes, while at the same time, there’s plenty of equipment such as the stair steppers and treadmills which aren’t being used. The market in refurbished fitness equipment for recumbent bicycles is fast, and there’s tons of bargains available. Were you aware that there’s a style of exercising on a bike which doesn’t entail being in an upright position? It is referred to as the recumbent bicycle, and helps the exerciser to reap the rewards of riding a bicycle as they sit in a relaxing tilted back position. Below is a short assessment of the Nautilus NR2000 recumbent.

Refurbished Fitness Equipment: Chief Qualities of the Nautilus NR2000

Rebuilt fitness equipment such as the Nautilus NR2000 recumbent bicycle supplies exercisers with all of the profits of bicycling totally trouble-free. Weather isn’t an worry nor is keeping balanced. Bicycling in a reclined position is much more comfortable, and that means you’re likely to stay on the machine longer, and get increased benefits. The recumbent bicycle is a wonderful option for starters, or for people who have medical problems like back issues. Being that your body posture while using the recumbent cycle is ergonomically exact, your workout is guaranteed to give you the greatest advantages.

Refurbished Fitness Equipment: More Facts Concerning the Nautilus NR2000 Recumbent Bicycle

Regardless of whether you are a trainee or a skilled user, exercising on the NR2000 can assist you to get stronger and have more stamina. It has innovative heart rate controlled workout programmes that ensure your pulse rate stays in the correct zone for type of benefits you’re seeking -- fat burning, for example. Choosing to buy refurbished equipment like this Nautilus bike means that you’ll get a better machine for your money. Though there are plenty of people who might not be able to purchase an unused top brand piece of equipment like the NR2000, a renovated one may be within your reach. Chief components included on premium machines such as this entail self-levelling foot pedals which assist with keeping your feet and legs in the best possible pose.

Refurbished Fitness Equipment: Last Impressions about the NR2000

There is an incorporated heart rate receiver that reports certain data to you concerning your workout routine; this assures that you get the most excellent and safest end results. This exercise bicycle is designed with the steadfast Nautilus V-Force drive system which is built with a well-balanced flywheel. This V-Force drive does not have the necessity for as many moving components as you will find on different types of machines—so you can look forward to multiple years of performance from this NR2000. Plus, the fitness machine is not nearly as loud due to the V-Force drive. Nautilus has provided a remarkable 30 year service guarantee on this recumbent bike’s frame. In addition, there is a three year service warranty on the NR2000’s parts. Lastly, there is an extraordinary 2 year guarantee on the machine’s electronics.

As far as refurbished fitness equipment goes, this Nautilus NR2000 recumbent exercise bicycle warrants a serious look.

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